Almost Diamonds For the Losers

Connecting with the Psychic Journal™ ahead of a guidance session, I was inspired by the song Almost Diamonds

I’ll swim inside your tears
And wander through your rooms of silence
The motive crystal clear
Your tongue is love
And your heart is violence

Sketching the lady with the ‘diamond vision’ I felt she had walked a path that had proved both costly and destructive to her emotions.

The song Almost Diamonds  represented the  life that ‘could of been’, the brilliance of a life that still had something very ‘special’ ahead, despite her own doubts and fears about being happy and finding love once more. The multi-faceted termination of the Diamond reflecting different parts of her life, good, bad, tragic and celebratory.

Her Psychic Journal™ entry reflected her need to take the opportunity offered by the new man in her life,  to show her what happiness could be, the Herkimer Diamond splitting into two, a symbol of ‘partnership’ and marriage second time around.

The Herkimer Diamonds bring a boost to determination, and ‘attunes’ a person to new surroundings, both of which I felt she was about to embark upon in the late Summer, with a new job and a move of house.

To attune her to her life path the lady held the Diamonds and placed her request upon them, while doing this the Diamond split into two! A sign that she was to take the ‘other half’ of the Crystal with her on her journey.

With Intuitive Guidance she was able to feel at peace with her future and be prepared to embrace the challenges that life would present her with, knowing she could be happy once again.