Angels In America

Angels In America

While in Washington DC  connecting with the Psychic Journal™,  I could sense a Guardian Angel connected to the client.

He appeared as protector of the client, who I felt had been experiencing great difficulty in her personal and professional life. His wings protecting her from further emotional pain as he cried the tears of the Crystal Kunzite, symbolic of the emotional difficulty she had been going through.


The Angel was a sign of trust, purity and justice, which indicated to me that the client would face a happy outcome from a recent decision, but also that she shouldn’t fear what the future had to offer her, for it would be far better than her current situation.

The Kunzite tear was symbolic of releasing blocks in matters of the heart, allowing her to heal emotionally and move on from a painful relationship.

While in DC I could also sense these Angels, who are there to protect all of the weary souls who are seeking inner guidance.

The client experienced great uncertainty over her future and whether or not she had made the right career decisions, especially given the high risk nature of her job. She revealed that there was a situation which had been on her mind, one of justice from a past relationship. Just knowing that these Angels in America are there for her gave her great reassurance.

Michael Angelo

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