Crystals can help you find physical, emotional, mental and spiritual calmness.

Crystals can also anchor you in the present moment and facilitate enjoying being in the now.

If you find it impossible to stay in the present moment and your head is full of maybe’s, you will always be somewhere ahead of yourself worrying about the future or regretting the past. 

You may find yourself going over and over the events of the day – or waking up with thoughts racing through your head.

As we grow spiritually we often forget to clear out the old, which can be physical, like items in our home or invisible like the residue of outgrown ideas and prejudices; childish feelings and old information. 

Since our own energies are changing we should make changes in our homes and workspaces to raise the vibration surrounding us on a daily basis. Crystals are a wonderful tool to help us to recognise what changes are needed and how to bring about that change.