Crystals and Cake – The Perfect Combination!

Crystals are the perfect energy inducer and  will bring many, many benefits for yourself and those around you – even the pets!

Suki often receives the benefits of Energy boosting Crystals such as Selenite and Citrine, good ‘cleansers’ and very good for keeping youthful!  Citrine is also ideal if your pet has digestive difficulties or just feels ‘out of sorts’.

Don’t be afraid to take your Crystals out into the wider world with you, I often take mine for a trip to the local Coffee Shop, for they not only benefit my energy, but the energy of those around you, so why not treat people to a little ‘raised energy’.

For increased confidence in an interview consider taking a Mangano Calcite with you or some Golden Citrine to enhance your prospects!

Crystals need activation importantly as they are redundant if they don’t receive you ‘crystal command’.  Ask aloud or within, it is important to ask the Crystal how you would like it to work for you – otherwise it won’t.

For further guidance on how to work with your Crystals or to schedule a Crystal Healing session feel free to email me