I Still Have Your Smile, Burned Into My Mind

The recent Easter entries into  the Psychic Journal™ reflected the theme of ‘life and death’ as I sketched out the weary soul, shrouded by the Green Fluorite and Citrine Egg.

Taking inspiration from the song Barriers, I felt as though this lady had a memory ‘burned’ inside her mind, of her Mother, and the gracious smile she was so well known for. 

The song Barriers represented the Barriers she was to face in the coming months, challenges with career, interpersonal relationships and her own sense of ‘self’.

Her Psychic Journal™ entry reflected her need to face her fears and hold true to the memory of her Mother, placing a Peace Lily upon her path for the month of August, a sign of a passing, but also a time when her life would once again be as she needed it to be.

The Green Fluorite and Citrine Egg represent the need for ‘newness and structure’ in her life, something that had been sadly lacking. Fluorite being the Mind Expander, it would allow her to think beyond the limitations of what she currently knew in order to find her correct path.

To attune her to her life path the lady held Citrine, commanding the changes required to move her life in the direction she needed.

With Intuitive Guidance she was able to feel at peace with herself and not feel as though life had simply ‘passed her by’.