Hope Is the Thing With Feathers

Hope Is the Thing With Feathers

Ahead of a client’s reading I was drawn to the Poem  Hope is the Thing With Feathers, in particular the verse:

Hope is the thing with Feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without words
And never stops at all


Connecting to these deep and meaningful words I felt a sense of deep despair and isolation, as though the lady had been in her own ‘world’ one where she was not living at all, but had somehow remained ‘stuck’ in a moment in time.

I was drawn to the Crystal Clear Calcite, for it not only made this lady’s eyes ‘hollow’, but also indicated to me that she was ‘reliving’ a painful memory of her past, one that up until now had kept her in a place she no longer belonged.

The Poem indicated to me that she still had Hope within her heart, but also that the Feathers were a sign of someone in the Spirit world who would never truly leave her, even though they were no longer in the Physical world.

Clear Calcite or Iceland Spar as it is also known is a reflective Crystal, it connects to the deeper mind, but also aligns the entire body, known as the ‘Cure All Stone’ it helps to resolve emotional instability and confusion over future paths.

The lady admitted that she had lost her husband and had found it hard to be able to ‘live’ in the way she wanted and look ahead to her future. She also revealed that she worked in a Feather Factory! With Psychic Guidance she was able to find a new way to regain hope for a brighter future.


Michael Angelo

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