My psychic journal is an ‘empathic’ imprint of your life.

Part of my unique process is my Psychic Journal™, where I sketch drawings and write about you,  even before I have met you!

Each Journal entry is unique in content,  with colours and symbols that represent the markers in your life that will shape your spiritual path.

I work with emotional dynamics and feelings, usually connecting to how you feel ahead of attending the reading. This is achieved with a personal Psychic Journal™ entry.

A reading will allow you to have further insight into your future, so you can decide whether or not a certain path would be right for you. It allows you to feel more in control of your life and get a balanced view of events rather than feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

I also like hearing back from clients with details about how their reading has played out in their lives. So stay connected with me via my complimentary email service to ask additional questions after your reading, without any cost.

I am drawn to Crystals as part of your Psychic Journal entry as they reveal more about your individual emotions and needs, in certain cases they also highlight aspects of your life that may need to be brought into question and ‘rebalanced’.

I also offer Crystal healing as part of your Spiritual wellbeing journey.