Rubies Down the Drain

Rubies Down the Drain

As Valentine’s Day approaches our thoughts turn to love and indeed loss.

Connecting with a recent Psychic Journal™ entry I could hear the song Rubies Down the Drain.

It’s the accumulative hurt
The inconsolable pain
That brims up like rubies
From a Paris drain


Sketching the client ahead of her reading I could see her with Rubies in her eyes, shattering into a thousand pieces as tears fell down her face.


The Rubies were symbolic of the bliss that had now been ‘shattered’, forever broken without any rhyme or reason.  They also represented the memories that she had, ones which had been linked with deep pain.

I sketched the face of a man, one who who had become but a ‘memory’.

Ruby is a stone that is considered in crystal healing to be very protective of home, children, and also giving  psychic protection. It is also said to protect against unhappiness and the loss of love.

The client revealed that her Husband had been murdered some 19 years previously, and in that moment her life and her son’s had remained forever changed. Yet she had found the courage to continue with her life and rebuild the terrible loss she had suffered.


Michael Angelo

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