Wonderful Reading, Wonderful Man.

“I had a full reading yesterday and was amazed by the detail I was given.  As soon as I met Michael I was made to feel at ease by this lovely, very open man. Looking at the detail that goes into his journal is amazing and adding the cards to this allows such a detailed and knowledgeable reading; having the cd to take home and listen to again is definitely the icing on the cake. I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone – be it a firm believer or a complete sceptic. Thank you Michael.”

Chloe, Grimsby.

I know through my own experience how difficult it can be to find the right Psychic, someone who really connects, someone you can trust, someone you are totally comfortable with.

Therefore, after a reading I request a Testimonial so you can share your experience and thoughts with others who are not certain whether or not to proceed with a reading.  It also enables me to further develop my skills where necessary.

As you can see from the comments, the insight provided from my clients to others is truly invaluable.

  • Amazing reading and he is a great support after

    I was amazed at Michael's reading it really helped me and he has been a great support thereafter when I've needed assistance or clarification. If you want a reading I would recommend Michael 100%.

  • The best psychic I have ever seen!

    Michael is absolutely brilliant. I decided to try him having seen his reviews online. I have seen a few different psychics over the years and I rate Michael the highest. I loved absolutely everything about the reading. It was accurate, concise, Michael knew things about me that I had not shared with anyone. He mentioned names and experiences.

    The room where I saw Michael was lovely. The reading lasted the best part of an hour. It was all recorded on a CD. Nothing was rushed and Michael gives you the opportunity to ask questions. 

    Michael is a lovely guy who puts you at ease straightaway. He has really helped me since I first saw him and I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. 

    I intend to see Michael again next year. Thanks Michael!

  • Wow! Just Wow!

    Visited Michael today for the first time.... Will not be the last.... The guidance I received was second to none and details were unbelievably accurate.... Don't know how he does what he does but he is exceptional... What a lovely man xx

  • Amazingly Accurate - Michael will mend your soul!

    Having read the seemingly endless 5 star reviews posted by Michaels clients , I made an appointment to see him on 18th March 2017 - I was not disappointed ! I had never met Michael before , but after spending time with him , felt as though I had known him all my life ! Michael is a genuinely really nice guy , he was very welcoming and polite . He had prepared a psychic journal about me and my life, before I arrived - it was amazingly accurate . He knew more about me than I did ! Already events which he predicted have come true . He gave me advise and names of the people in my life , in particular those who had many faces ! He knew about my family, my childhood and me . Michael has clients all over the world including the USA . Michael has a truly rare gift .... he actually mends your soul , and he has touched the lives of hundreds of people , who all become part of his family of clients. If you are sceptical ..don't be, the reading is worth every penny. Michael is the real deal !!

  • Amazing

    Me and my mother want to see Michael angelo today we was welcomed into his home felt very relaxed. everything he does was explained before hand. Then we started we was asked if we wanted to b apart for our reading but we wanted to stay together our readings were half an hour each I felt lots of emotions and was truely amazed felt like I could smile again as been having a bad time. I would recommend him to any1 I have seen lots of mediums n never gone back but trust me I will b this time . left ma and my mum speechless.

  • Funny Valentine

    After receiving my psychic reading as a gift I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. On meeting Michael my nerves were put at ease as what a genuine kind hearted man. My reading was a very overwhelming experience, as he shared so much about my past relationship and how my marriage separation has then affected my emotions and trust towards others. Something only I would know. Michael has a remarkable gift as he continued to tell me about my brother's health, my grandad's passing and future career paths. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted from me and I positively wait for what he has predicted. I would recommend Michael for anyone who is wanting clarity in their lives.

  • Amazing, spot on in everything

    It was a pleasure to meet Miguel Angelo. It is amazing how he was able to talk me thins that no one knew apart from me. He talk me about the future and he even give me dates, everything happens as he said . I can't thank him enough for helping me finding the right path and not to be scare making changes in my life. If you are looking for guidance he is the best person to contact. After seeing him he is always happy to reply to my e-mails if I need some help. He is FANTASTIC.

  • Amazing, spot on with everything!

    I have recently had an incredible reading with Michael, he is very welcoming and made me feel really comfortable. The reading was unlike anything I have experienced, it feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have been given clarity. He knew things about me that I only know. The psychic journal I received is beautiful and I love that I have that to keep reading. I also received a CD recording of the whole reading to listen to! Michael is amazing and I recommend everybody to book an appointment with him. Thank you again Michael for a fantastic reading.

  • Genuine and extremely accurate

    What a genuine kind considerate wonderful guy. Michael talked about things only I new about with such accuracy and detail. Certainly put me at ease. Many thanks. I have recommended to friends and will continue to do so. 

  • Brilliant

    Micheal is very welcoming and puts you at ease as soon as you walk in. He got certain things spot on about myself and my past, he also answered a lot of the questions I have been asking myself recently and made me have a more positive view on life. Definitely worth the money, I have been to see different psychics before but Micheal has done it differently to what I have been to before. So if you are feeling unsure about something get booked in! Thank you Micheal I am looking forward to the future now!

  • Fabulous

    I have to say at the outset that I don't go to lots of these readings or read my daily horoscope etc. I've been to two readings in my entire life. Once in 1979 and one last week that being the first with Michael. I'm not a sceptic per-se just someone who doesn't really do this. However there has been a lot of turmoil in my life recently and i felt the need to have a reading.

    I have to say I had a fabulous session with Michael and found it very rewarding and beneficial. The setting in his home is relaxed, peaceful and just right. it lasts for about an hour with as much or as little input as you wish to give. You are provided when you leave with a cd with the audio of the reading. It is also followed up with a free email service. 

    I found his reading, insightful, personal and very thought provoking. I also found lots of what Michael said to be very accurate and in depth. I was very impressed and would recommend Michael.