The Big Hurt – When Will It End?

Crystal Easter Eggs feature in my Good Friday entry into the Psychic Journal™ alongside the song The Big Hurt by Scott Walker.

Oh, each time you go
I try to pretend
It’s over at last
This time the big hurt will end

Taking inspiration from the song I felt this person had endured more than she should, and was at the point of ‘no return’ in her life.

Her Kunzite tears reflected her heartbreak as Kunzite is the ‘Healer of Broken Hearts’.

This lady also emerged from the Crystal Egg, symbolic of her ‘rebirth’ into a new life, a resurrection of sorts into a life that was finally of her choosing and free from her current pain and sadness, something she has carried for too long.

The Kunzite Egg was also a place of great ‘protection’ a sign that when she makes the major life change, she will be guided by Spirit towards a safer place, one that reassure her she made the right choices.

It also represented the ‘future self’, a stronger and more confident person as a result of her breaking free from her current ‘hurts’.

With Intuitive Guidance she was able to release the fears of ‘what may be’ and prepare to take a bold step towards her new life.