The Chandeliers of Hope

With Christmas fast approaching I have been drawn to several songs and Christmas Carols in my new red Psychic Journal™.

For a recent client it was the song Christmas Lights.

Up above candles on air flicker
Oh they flicker and they float
But I’m up here holding on
To all those chandeliers of hope

I was drawn to the theme of Christmas Lights,  as I felt the lights represented  ‘lights of hope’ that were going to flicker on, one by one as the year unfolded for the client.

I felt  drawn to her need for complete change in her life, from her current career to her personal life, I felt she would face some life changing decisions in the year ahead, most of which she would like.

Around her neck I placed the ‘Herkimer Scarf’, a symbol I felt of her finding the correct ‘life path’ as Herkimer Diamonds help you to reconnect to your ‘true self’ and are an excellent Crystal for bringing about your desires and hopes. I felt the Chandelier of Hope in the song lyrics was a Chandelier of Herkimer Diamonds.

In her eyes she had the Ruby Crystal, a symbol of her passion for this new path, and that she also had to face her own fears about love and what it represented, for she had so much in front of her to embrace, all she needed to do was step out of the fear.

With Intuitive guidance she was able to step into the New Year with a new and uplifting insight.