The Deck Showed Him a Picture of His Life From Beginning to End

Inspired by one of my favourite musical artists I connected with the Psychic Journal with the song The Gambler

Jack of hearts lead, wait for aces
Became faces of family and friends
Until the deck showed him a picture
Of his life from beginning to end

Sketching the man with ‘smoky tears’ I felt he had lived a life that was anything but his own. The look of despair in his eyes and the heavy emotion weighing down his heart. One thing was very clear he needed to be free of his past ‘ghosts’.

The symbolism of the song The Gambler was his ‘life chances’ taking a gamble on love, and his own life to that end. He had glimpsed upon the cards laid before him during his guidance session with me, and witnessed where it would all lead.

Yet there was still one more ‘Risk’ he needed to take if he were to be able to alter his current life path, one I felt would certainly ‘pay off’.

The Smoky Quartz tears were a sign of a tragedy in his life and a sign that even though extinguished, sadness and pain will linger like smoke in his spirit for months or even years later.

To clear the smoke, and let the fresh air of positivity circulate through him once again, he connected with the energy of Smoky Quartz. Paired with Clear Calcite, the Crystals energy is even more enhanced to gain deeper Clarity and Healing.

With Intuitive Guidance he was able to see there was another way in his life and he could begin to find himself again and a future that was more of his choosing.