The Full Choir Sings Your Birth

The Full Choir Sings Your Birth

Ahead of a recent Guidance Session I was drawn to the song ‘Angel Eyes’

Come Now With Dewy Looks
And Look Down Upon Our Western Aisle
With Angel Eyes
Oh Spring, The Full Choir Sings Your Birth

Feeling the impending joy of birth I began to sketch the client with a shimmering ray of colour around her. In her eyes the reflection of the Clear Quartz Crystal, sign of her strength and powerful energy.

The colours that reflected from the multi-faceted Quartz reflected the healing colours of her emotions and the aligning of her chakras as he emotional body was ready to receive this glorious ‘new life’.

Connected through her spiritual chord was the face of the boy who was waiting to enter her life.

The Song Angel Eyes indicated to me the sign of this new life and the fact that her wish had finally been granted, to have a baby, as though being watched by her Guardian Angel’s Eyes.

I was also drawn to the Crystal Herkimer Diamond, which is known as the Attunement Stone that helps one to embody the concept of ‘let go and let God.’

Those times when we forget to slow down and just be in the moment is when Herkimer diamonds can help us remember to stop and surrender to our higher power and allow that feeling to flow in and through us.

Allowing us also to attune into the life path that we desire.



Michael Angelo

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