The Green Fairy

The Green Fairy

Welcome to the new Blog, as part of the new website redesign.

Each month I will feature an excerpt from my Psychic Journal™ and how it connected with the person who attended their ‘guidance session’.

Death and despair and themes of ‘hopelessness’ often appear in the Journal, but always with the hope of something that will change outcomes and turn lives around in a positive and lasting way.

I was drawn to the song ‘The Green Fairy’ sketching their Journal entry I felt I had to draw the lady in Green after listening to the song.

I could sense she was about to face a ‘Brave New World’, one where she would find the ‘Golden Man’ who would give her back the ‘breath of life’.

During her guidance session the client laughed as I mentioned ‘The Green Fairy’, she had only recently dressed as one for a fancy dress party!

But it was also symbolic for her new beginning was in the beautiful country Ireland! The Golden Man was the person who was to offer her a new opportunity for her a brand new start.


Michael Angelo

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