The Malachite Man

The Malachite Man

Connecting with the Psychic Journal™ I was drawn to the song Stonemilker, in particular the lyrics:

Who is open-chested
And who has coagulated
Who can share
And who has shut down the chances?


I began to sense severe emotional pain around the man coming, sketching him I began to see the tears of Malachite, symbolic of needing emotional release.

The song indicated that his Heart had become ‘coagulated’, blocked not only emotionally,  but physically as Malachite is the Crystal associated with Heart conditions of a severe kind. I also felt that his wife had ‘shut down the chances’ of any future together.

I also sensed many of his dreams disappearing through the bottom of the vodka bottle, during a very painful part of his life.

Malachite with it’s rich green bands is a stone that is considered in crystal healing to be very stabilising for the Heart and allowing the removal of stagnant emotional energies from past relationships.  It is also known as the Crystal of visionaries and empaths.

This ‘Malachite Man’, had experienced years of emotional pain, which in turn had corroded his Heart, but now he was on the road to recovery and a life path that would see him find his true path and live in a way that would no longer leave him so hurt.

The man confirmed that he had endured years of Heart difficulties and had undergone a number of surgeries. Not only this but he had also faced a very turbulent history of unsuccessful relationships. With guidance he was able to see ways of breaking old patterns that had until now held him back in his life. 

Michael Angelo

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