The Song of the Hummingbird

The Song of the Hummingbird

Ahead of a recent Guidance Session I was drawn to the poem ‘A Hummingbird Stopped Upon My Sill’

A Hummingbird Stopped Upon My Sill
Then Flew to Stand Upon My Quill
He Whispered With a Voice So Still

“Your Life Is Made of Your Own Will”

Sensing the shimmering wings of the Golden Hummingbird I was drawn to a new beginning for this weary soul.

I felt as though she was adrift on a Clear Calcite River, like a boat without an Anchor, the spiritual sign of Hope.

Yet she was talking the ‘lost language of love’, and I felt drawn to her heavy heart.

The Song of the Hummingbird was significant in the life that was ahead for her, the time of change which I felt was early Spring, a time when the Hummingbird first appears.

I also felt that she was now in control of her life and was able to live it as she should, by her own rules using her ‘free will’.

The Hummingbird also flies ‘free of time’ and to me this is how I saw her finally free from all that had troubled her in the past.

With intuitive guidance and counselling she was able to release certain emotions and gain clarity of what her future now had to offer.

Michael Angelo

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