Upon His Feathers Rode A Chance…

Connecting with the Psychic Journal™ ahead of a guidance session, I was inspired by the poem Hummingbird.

“And with his feet how he did prance
A hopeful, charming, little dance
Upon his Feathers rode a chance
His sweet birdsong filled with romance”

I felt strongly drawn to the Golden Citrine Crystal as I sketched out the Journal entry.

The poem Hummingbird  was symbolic of this person’s need to ‘fly free’ and also a spiritual sign of ‘lightness of being’, which connected with the Citrine’s meaning of a life being ‘filled with light’ after what had been mostly darkness for her.

I felt drawn to the House with a hidden door, one that would become the door she was yet to see, the door to many possibilities, the door of the new house she was about to move to as Citrine is also is a sign of ‘relocation’ and ‘new beginnings’.

Her Psychic Journal™ entry reflected the ‘path of change’ that waited, and the Golden Citrine a sign of a time period for this change, which I felt was Autumn as leaves also turned Gold.


Citrine as a Crystal represents ‘newness’ the need to move on from past patterns and release deep routed Anxiety. Her ‘crystal tears’ representing an inner release of emotion that would then restart her new life path.

To attune her to her life path the lady held the Citrine using the Affirmation:

“I am filled with Light and Happiness”.

With Intuitive Guidance she was able to feel at peace with her future and be prepared to embrace the challenges that life would present her with, knowing she could be happy once again.