Ringing in the Changes

As another hectic year draws to a close, we must take time to remember the importance of Christmas and that all important ‘peace and goodwill to all men’. 

This year more than any has been one of enduring great change, and I have learned some very important lessons on my Spiritual path.

While celebrating Christmas this year in my former hometown, Leigh On Sea, it feels particularly poignant as it is my first Christmas here since 1984! 35 years later it feels like events are full circle to be able to return here for this very special time of year.

This is also a time for Ringing the Changes ahead of 2020.

From the New Year there will be a change to my Readings, which will now be Intuitive Guidance Sessions and be more based around supporting your emotional needs and answering any immediate or pressing questions. 

I have enjoyed the past 7 years of guidance and Psychic Journals, but now a new direction is calling and I feel I must choose this path.

There will also be a change to my pricing structure and Private Appointments.

Primarily the most important focus for me is YOU and being able to provide you with the most accurate and clear guidance I can, so feel free to email me for further details and to schedule your appointment.

Above all thank you for your kindness and be good to each other.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New 2020