You Could Meet Somebody Who Really Loves You

Inspired by the varied music of my youth I connected with the Psychic Journal with the Smiths song How Soon Is Now?

Now Shut Your Mouth
How Can You Say
I Go About Things The Wrong Way
I am Human and I Need to be Loved
Just Like Everybody Else Does

I felt this man was ‘lonely’ and had been through a very challenging period,  one that had ripped away his soul, his faith and his belief not only in himself, but his future.

I could see the tiny Ruby heart fall from his eye, a surefire sign of loss of love, but also grieving one who meant so much to him. The Ruby represents a need to ‘Let Go and Let God’, to allow fate to be the decider.

I felt drawn to the lady with the Irises in her eyes, one who was protecting him from Spirit and guiding him towards a ‘better life’.

The Crystals Ruby and Clear Calcite bleeding from his eyes represented his past and future, the need to ‘rebalance’ his emotional path and also a sign that he would indeed find his joy and the sense of purpose he had somehow lost.

Closure was key for this man, not only from his past, but his own fears to be able to open up to a new life and importantly, a new love.